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Strong and Free is a true story of the life of Rebecca Campbell.

Becky writes about her life in Africa and the long painful journey it takes for her and her young children to finally end up on a plane bound for Canada on September 11, 2001. 

She describes in detail how she had to endure beating and trade her body for food, a ride to school and even justice.  She tells us of how she escaped the war zone with her three young children and of her life as a refugee.  What Becky was not aware of is that some people in high places were watching her and how hard she was working; with help from the President of Gambia and the UN Becky and her children were able to escape to her promise land, Canada!  This is a remarkable story of a courageous intelligent woman who finally made it to her dream land.



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Becky will move your audience with her story. She will educate and leave the audience with hope and motivation.

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